Altair is an created Bakugan by Professor Clay in his lab. It's a dragon-like Mechtanical Bakugan, owned by Lync Volan.


A large mechanical dragon with a long, curved tail and gleaming metal horns.

Battle StyleEdit

Altair begins a brawl with a fierce battle cry that deafens it's opponents. It then attacks with it's sharp-as-swords fangs and horns while it blasts out white-hot steam from it's mouth.

Where You've Seen ItEdit

Lync Volan uses a Ventus Altair to battle against the Bakugan Brawlers Resistance.

What You Should KnowEdit

Mira's father, Professor Clay, created Altair in his lab. Altair is the first mechanical Bakugan. At first, it seemed like Altair would be impossidle to beat. But Altair is a machine, and like any machine, it can break down. When Mira first battled Altair, a power overload caused it to shut down during battle. Altair has one other key weakness: It's sensors cannot keep track of multiple opponents in batle.