Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 19 August 26, 2014 June 12, 2015
2 18 Augest 25, 2015 June 10, 2016
3 5 August 23, 2016 TBA

Season 1 (2014–15)Edit

Episode 1 The Beach DayEdit

Memy and his family are going to the beach to have fun.

Episode 2 Honey TasteEdit

Memy first saw a burrow of honey. Memy decided to taste the honey. Meanwhile, Froggy saw a burrow of honey to eat all the honey. Later, Memy saw the burrow is empty and saw the note. Then memy buy some more honey for the burrow.

Episode 3 Prize of MemyEdit

Molly found mail in the mailbox. Molly open the mail says Memy is going to the award show. Meanwhile, Ryan was watch ing live tv at the award show. Memy wons a ribbin.

Episode 4 An Escaped FriendEdit

Memy and Froggy visit the Animal shelter. When they saw the top news paper says "A missing animal" Memy and Froggy went to find the animal all around the town and no sign of it. suddenly, the animal was hiding on top of the roof and jump down. a black beetle named Charlie was the missing animal. Froggy decided to keep the animal with him.

Episode 5 Trick or Tricky!Edit

Memy and his whole family where on a trip to trick or treating. Froggy kidnap Angel. Memy have to follow a trail of Angel's makeup. Memy must to sneak to get Angel out of the cage. Froggy swings on a rope and pushes Memy on the cage with Angel. Memy and Angel squeeze through the cage. Ryan got a lot of candy for Memy and Angel.

Episode 6 The Fall FestivalEdit

Caitlin the Female Farmer need help From Memy's family. They picked fruits and veggies and put them in the basket before winter comes.

Episode 7 The Pool Day!Edit

Memy and his family are going to the waterpark to have fun and challange.

Episode 8 Disappearing FrogsEdit

Froggy have a devious plan for James. James have to find the frogs. James think they disappeared. When Froggy sneak up to him. James chase Froggy down to the downtown, when Froggy is tired running. James finally found Froggy. Froggy telled James the others are in Froggy's house garage.

Episode 9 Christmas SpecialEdit

When Froggy told everyone to get ready for Christmas. Froggy decorating the Tree. Before Santa comes. Froggy woke up the others on Christmas morning.