Memy and Froggy


Picture format
(720p Season 1-2 (HDTV)) (720p60 Season 3-4 (HDTV))
Created by
Drew Davidson
Action, Comedy
Country of origin
Original run
August 26, 2014 - September 21, 2018
Running time
22 minutes
Opening theme
Memy and Froggy theme

Memy and Froggy is a animated show on Disney Channel. Memy and Froggy is a children's television series.

Seasons Episodes
Season 1

(19 Episodes)

August 26, 2014-June 12, 2015

Season 3

(18 Episodes)

Augest 25, 2015-September 9, 2016

Season 3

(20 Episodes)

September 28, 2016-June 12, 2017

Season 4

(22 Episodes)

August 28, 2017-September 21, 2018


Main Characters

Memy the White Cicada (Voiced by Drew Davidson)-A white comedy Cicada.

Froggy the Red frog (Voiced by Tristan Samuel)-A 20-year-old red frog always chases flies.

Angel the Pink Cicada (Voiced by Katherine Forrester)-A pink kind Cicada like to play with Memy a lot.

Laura the Blue frog (Voiced by Deann Degruijter)-A Sky blue frog is Froggy's wife with 2 childeren.

Recurring characters

Toby the Gray Cicada (Voiced by Lucius Hoyos)-he is Memy's Brother. He may look the same as Memy but different, he is gray, and Memy is white.

Katie the Black frog (Voiced by Kallan Holley)-The adorable frog is Froggy's daughter. she always hangout with her brother James.

James the Black frog (Voiced by Christian Distefano)-This young frog is the youngest frog in Froggy and Norma's family.

Charlie The Black beetle (Voiced by Alex Throne)-This Beetle is Froggy's friend when Charlie escape from then Animal Shelter. He also a Ninja Beetle.

Ryan The White Cicada (Voiced by Blair Williams)-This adult fly is Memy's father. On Memy and Froggy Movie Young version of him is the same size as Billy.

Molly The White Cicada (Voiced by Stephanie Seki)-This adult Cicada is Meny's mother.

Farmer Caitlin (Voiced by Teresa Gallagher)-She is a farmer. She plants veggies and fruit.

Jake The Super Cicada (Voiced by Ron Pardo)-He is a superhero. On Sidekick Jake needed a helper When Toby put the robbers in jail.

Rocky (Voiced by Stuart Faith)-He is a young drone bee. He is Memy's cousin number 1.

Emily (Voiced by Berkley Silverman)-She is a young bee. She is Memy's cousin number 2.

Gina (Voiced by Julianna Paul)-This frog is Froggy's sister. On Gina-tines day Gina is so lovely, she can't stop smooching all the insects and frogs in the town.

Billy (Voiced by Eric Parkson)-This young orange Cicada is Memy's young brother number 1.

Milly (Voiced by Carla Custer)-This young purple Cicada is Memy's young sister number 2.

Curt (Voiced by Ryan barkson)-This young green Cicada is Memy's youngest brother number 3.

DVD releasesEdit

Title Format Description Release Date
New Friend in Danger DVD Includes An Escaped Friend, The Beach Day, Honey Taste, Prize of Memy, and Trick or Tricky. November 7, 2014
Memy and Froggy Movie DVD Was a #1 movie. Young Ryan must to save the city before young froggy destory the city. November 17, 2015
Memy and Froggy Easter Hunting DVD Includes The Easter Egg Hunt March 31, 2017